Kreuz is equipped with in-house assets that are compliant with industry standards. With these assets, Kreuz effectively allocates resources and executes a balanced mix of EPCIC SURF, Construction & Installation, and IRM projects. An established team of experienced onshore and offshore professionals, guided by a strong management comprising industry veterans, ensures that Kreuz is well-positioned to bid and undertake a wide range of subsea projects. With our in-house assets and talents, Kreuz delivers cost-effective, customized and quality services that meet our Clients’ project schedules.

Newbuild Under Construction (2015)

Fact Sheet A state-of-the-art technology for the future, this DP-2 MSV boasts integral twin bell dive systems, an expansive work deck, 140T heave compensated crane for shallow, deep and ultra deep-water projects for subsea umbilical, risers and flowlines (SURF) work.

Kreuz Installer

Fact Sheet A Class 2 dynamic-positioned multi-purpose support vessel (DP-2 MSV) with integral Saturation Diving/ Surface-Supplied Diving (Air) Systems, an expansive working deck housing 155T & 70T pedestal cranes.

Kreuz Supporter

Fact Sheet A 2008 built construction class 8-point mooring work barge equipped with Class approved saturation diving facilities, 250T mobile crane, davits and work-class ROV (optional).

Kreuz Glorious

Fact Sheet A 2006 built accommodation & construction-class 8-point mooring barge capable of housing 300 personnel with 70T fixed pedestal and 250T mobile cranes.


Fact Sheet Our versatile fleet of ROVs include two 125Hp work-class QUASARS, an inspection-class COUGAR-XT, and inspection/work-class SUPER PANTHER-XT PLUS – All ROVs are complete with Tether Management Systems (TMS), Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS), and Control Van.

Air Diving Systems

Fact Sheet We own and operate nine air diving systems designed and built to IMCA standards, and the first in the region to obtain ABS classification. These systems are compliant with the requirements and qualifications of our end-customers.

Saturation Diving System

Fact Sheet 200m/12-man modular saturation diving system comprising of a 3-man saturation diving system bell, life support and dive/sat control container hydraulic system, 9 persons saturation living chamber, and hyperbaric rescue chamber for 12 persons.