Safety, Health Protection, Security, Preservation of Environment,
Conservation of Energy, and Continuous Improvement of Quality

Kreuz Subsea has been managing Health & Safety, Security, Environmental protection & Preservation of Energy and Quality as being fully integrated and dynamically inter-related.

The Kreuz Subsea Management System is named QHSE IMS. It encompasses the Marine, Diving and ROV aspects. Throughout the projects preparation, mobilization, execution and demobilisation phases, Kreuz Subsea shall carry-out the work in accordance with the Kreuz Subsea QHSE Policies and statements.

Policy statements / rules, Duties & Responsibilities, Manuals & Procedures are displayed and/or made available to all Crew on board the DP DSV.  These are presented and explained during the Project Kick-Off Meeting (Chaired by the VP-Operations and / or QHSE Director) and during the “induction” & “familiarization” sessions which are conducted on board as and when required (specifically to the rank/position) during the project execution. Kreuz Subsea Policies and statements are presented in the following sections of this document.

Kreuz Subsea is committed to ensure that all Kreuz Subsea sub-contractors comply with Kreuz Subsea Policies, statements / requirements.

Note: All Kreuz Subsea Team Members must login the Kreuz Subsea website and confirm their commitment to comply with the Kreuz Subsea Policies. ( requirement is also mentioned into the employment contract.

Kreuz Subsea is committed to uncompromised safety. Preventing work-related injuries and illnesses is our absolute priority. All of our teammates and their families rely on this essential commitment.

From this commitment, we continuously improve the effectiveness of partnerships built-up between Kreuz Subsea offshore and onshore teammates, sub-contractors, clients and suppliers. We conceive safety, protection of health and preservation of environment as being implicit in the other fundamental concepts: quality, performance and sustainability.

Being an integrated subsea services provider, we face a complex working environment made with some unpredictable components which can interact with the most advanced plans. In addition to an inherently safe design of methods, equipment, processes and procedures; Kreuz Subsea invests in training and competences for building high reliable project management teams, onshore and offshore thereby ensuring containment of unexpected events. Irrespective of rank, our Team Members are trained to cross-check the work plans, to continuously assess the effectiveness of the barriers, to intervene as and when required and to manage the changes safely. Exemplarity in individual behaviour and excellence in supervision are among the core principles which make our performance.

In addition to external and internal audits, we maintain and improve safety by using reliable planned maintenance systems, by encouraging active reporting of unsafe conditions and incidents (including near misses), and via thorough incident investigation with transparent root cause analysis.

As part of our integrated risk management culture, we are committed to excellence for emergency preparedness and response. We are ready to provide prompt and high quality medical assistance and treatment in case of injury or illness occurring on our worksites. If one of our employees had to suffer from injury or illness, we would work-out return-to-work program to our best of our capabilities.

Our Kreuz Subsea Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (QHSE MS) has been modelled as an Integrated Management System (IMS). This QHSE IMS has been audited by DNV and found to be in conformance with the requirements set forth by:

The following guidance, standards, codes & conventions:

  • International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA)
  • International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP)
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • International Maritime Organization (IMO) codes and conventions
  • Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006

The policies (displayed on the next pages) which have been written and endorsed by the Senior Management of Kreuz Subsea:

  • Kreuz Subsea ‘QHSE Policy’
  • Kreuz Subsea ‘Stop Work Policy’
  • Kreuz Subsea ‘Prohibition of drugs and alcohol Policy’
  • Kreuz Subsea ‘Non Smoking Policy’
  • Kreuz Subsea ‘Anti Bribery Policy’

The main statements (displayed on the next pages) which a Person will have to commit to, if he/she wish to work with us as a Kreuz Subsea Team Member:

  • Kreuz Subsea Teammate’s General Duties and Responsibilities, Personal Commitment
  • “On-the-job” Risk Assessment, Buddy System and Supervision; Personal Commitment
  • Fitness to Work Offshore; Personal Commitment
  • Fitness to Dive; Personal Commitment (when applicable)