Oil and gas industry is very demanding in terms of skills, knowledge, competencies, and experience. Kreuz Subsea sources, employs, and trains local people for both offshore and onshore to join our highly motivated teams in executing complex projects successfully.

The core strength of Kreuz Subsea is its personnel. Therefore it is our absolute commitment to provide a safe, healthy, and secure working environment. We ensure hazard identification and risk assessment are continuously carried‐out in order to prevent any injury, illness or long‐term effect. ‘Work safe’ is a key slogan of Kreuz Subsea.

At Kreuz Subsea, competencies assessment and training are a continuous process; including on‐the‐job training which helps one’s bearing in the various projects. Each and every one is given opportunities to explore their skill and develop into the next level. While fulfilling the ambitions of the individuals, this philosophy helps Kreuz Subsea to achieve their goals and targets.