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Kreuz provides subsea construction and installation services which support new offshore installation and construction projects, as well as IRM of existing offshore production and pipeline facilities. Our services include:

Subsea Construction and Installation:

  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning ("EPCIC") for flexible flow lines, cables and other subsea related projects
  • Installation of SSIV, Risers, Hot Taps and Hyperbaric Welding
  • Subsea spool tie-ins connecting pipelines to risers and end manifolds
  • Subsea pipeline repairs and support for decommissioning of platforms
  • Installation of grout supports on pipelines for stabilization and crossing correction

Underwater IRM for pipelines, platforms and other facilities:

  • Structural integrity - Visual Inspection, MPI/ACFM, UT, CP
  • Repair / strengthening sleeves on pipelines and structures
  • Pipeline stabilization, free span correction
  • Pipeline / Riser sectional replacements using connectors and spools
  • Debris and seabed scour recovery
  • Anode and sled installation