Our Brand

Our brand and identity

Originating from the German language translating to cross, the word Kreuz signifies our organization’s four core values. We believe that each point of the cross is significant to the success our business and our partners. When these four points intersect they symbolize a solid foundation for which Kreuz Subsea was founded and will continue to grow.

  • The combination of colours in the Kreuz Subsea logo represents flowing water, environmental sustainability, and a sturdy organization.

    The diamond reflects our company as a solid, strong, and eternal organization with high reliability. The four points of the diamond are directly connected to the organizations four corporate values.

    The concept of ‘Going Beyond Limits’
    Going beyond limits is our tagline which sums up the core vales of our business. It is the essence of our brand and it expresses our passion and attitude in everything we do.

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