Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV)

Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) is one-of-its-kind and a highly compliant in the eastern Hemisphere meeting most stringent specifications and geographical requirements. Designed and European built in Vard Norway, vessel adheres to very high quality standards.

  • Key features are:

    • DP2
    • 100 MT crane / 2000m / AHC
    • 12-men single-bell saturation in-built dive system + SPHL
    • 800 m2 deck area
    • Four point mooring
    • 105 accommodation
  • Primary duties include:

    • Subsea construction and installation activites
    • Diving support operations
    • Subsea inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) works
    • Light trenching support
    • Survey and ROV operations

Download Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) Technical Datasheets HERE

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