Subsea Repairs

Underwater Welding, connectors, clamps, structural repairs

Headquartered in Singapore, Kreuz Subsea operates worldwide operations through partnerships and joint ventures with a view to be as much compliant to local rules and regulations. Particular attention is given to localisation requirements while remaining focussed to serving our Clients by being local to them.Kreuz Subsea have an interesting portfolio of subsea repairs and have arrange of repairs / techniques to offer. Few highlights are:

  • Hyperbaric dry pipeline welding in water depths of -140m. 2 welds on pipeline of size 28” x 26.74mm wall thickness / sour service – believed to be one of world’s deepest underwater weld
  • Hot tapping live pipelines
  • Structural retrofit of MOPU legs by adding clamps and braces while MOPU was still in services
  • Range of pipeline repair techinques from standard PLIDCO clamps, custom made engineered clamps, specialized connectors

Download Subsea Repairs Brochures HERE

Download Subsea Repairs Project Datasheets HERE

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